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The oldest churches in Midfield are generally the churches that are in the oldest sections of Midfield, namely Wilkes, Rutledge and Fairfield Highlands. These churches are discussed in the history of their respective areas.

Of those churches in the area that was incorporated as Midfield in 1953, the oldest is Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church which began when Sunday school was organized on January 4, 1948 in the home of J.H. Martins on Pinewood Avenue. As the membership increased, W.A. Belcher permitted the use of his Lumber Co. warehouse, where the Phillips Drive Shopping Center parking lot is now. Property located at 300 McPherson Ave. was purchased, and the first meeting was held at the new location on Dec. 2, 1948. The congregation of 44 was chartered on October 16, 1949.

On Dec. 10, 1950 permission was granted to purchase land on Fairfield Rd. > (Midfield Street > B.Y.Williams Sr. Dr.) where the church building stands today across from Midfield Hardware. The Rev. Frank R. Morse delivered the first sermon in the new Edifice on March 9, 1952 and was installed as the first full-time pastor that same evening.

The Midfield Baptist Church began in a tent on B.Y.Williams Sr. Dr. during the summer of 1952. A concrete block building was completed on the property in October of the same year. Construction began in the fall of 1957 for the first permanent worship center. Worship services were held in that building from the Spring of 1958 until completion of the newest sanctuary in 1966. The church then owned half a block with three buildings. (Now “New Beginnings Family Baptist Church”). See “Home > Churches”.

The Midfield Methodist Church began in a tent next to the Midfield Baptist on B.Y.Williams Sr. Dr. in 1953 as a result of Dist. Supperintendent G.M. Davenport’s urging of Vincent Thomas Cooley to go to Midfield and start a church. A brick church building was later constructed on the site near an old private cemetery and by the time the first worship service was held in it on Nov. 16, 1952 there were 29 people who joined the church as charter members.

On Feb. 21, 1960 the first worship service was held in a beautiful new church at the end of Henson Street. An open house was given on March 20, 1960 and 400 people attended. The old church building was sold to Midfield Baptist. The cemetery still stands there today.

In 2003, with the decline of it’s membership making it impossible to stay open, the church closed it’s doors with most of it’s members moving to Bethlehem Methodist Church in Dolomite. The church building is now home to the “Word of Life Faith Church”. (See “Home > Churches”).

The Midfield Church of Christ was built on B.Y.Williams Sr. Dr. down the street ftom Grace Covenant, Midfield Baptist and Midfield Methodist Churches in 1956 as a result of a “swarm” from Barney Points Church of Christ. John T. Lewis helped the church get going for three months, and then Gardner Hall became the permanent pastor. When this church grew to over-crowding, members swarmed to Fairfield Highlands to build a new church there.

The first Mass was celebrated in Midfield on Jan. 1, 1957 in a community house until outgrowing that small space and moving to the City Hall. St. Theresa was chosen as Patroness and name for the new parish. Father Edward L. Foster was in charge of the mission. Construction on St. Theresa’s Catholic Church at the end of Collier Dr. began in May of 1959. The first Mass in the new church was offered on Oct. 25,1959 with 82 families in the parish. Father Roland Inkle was appointed the first resident pastor in 1961.

The church closed it’s doors as a Catholic parish on July 1,1993. The building is now home to the “Zion Travelers Primitive Baptist Church”. (See “Home > Churches”).

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