Administrative Department (Mayor & City Clerk’s Office)


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Administrative Department (Mayor & City Clerk’s Office)

The first office for the Mayor and volunteer police chief was behind the old Williams Hardware Store that was one of five businesses located in Midfield’s first shopping center where Souths Finest Meats and Beauty Master’s is today. In 1954 Williams sold his toy store (the old 1929 realty office) cross-cornered on Woodward Rd. & Midfield St. to the new City of Midfield for their first City Hall. By 1957 new additions were added to the building to accommodate police, fire trucks, the City Clerk’s office, the Mayors office and a courtroom.

The first City Clerk was Mrs. Virginia Kelso. The second City Clerk was Mrs. Merldine Karrh, who was followed by Mrs. Ruth Garner. Mrs. Garner was working as City Clerk / Treasurer and police & Fire Dispatcher in a 1957 report. Jean McQueen took the job as City Clerk – Treasurer in 1964 after Mrs. Garner took sick and had to resign. Mrs. McQueen would be the keeper of the City’s business for the next 25 years.

In 1985 the City Clerk’s office was moved to the new Midfield City Hall that was built as an add-on to the vacated Highway Patrol office on the Bessemer Super Highway. A reception was given on June 30, 1985 for the official opening of the new city hall.

Jean retired in June of 1988 and was replaced by Jim Rhodes who was hired in April of 1988 in time to receive training from Mrs. McQueen before taking over. Jim was City Clerk from June of 1988 until being forced to retire on disability on Oct.1, 2002 after an extended illness. During Jim’s absence and then after Jim’s retirement, Sonya Lankford became the Acting City Clerk. Sonya was hired in Feb. of 1994 initially to handle garbage billing and the new computer software, but quickly learned the other duties of the Clerk’s office as well.

Sonya resigned in November of 2005. Mayor Gary Richardson applied to the Jefferson County Personnel Board for a certified City Clerk, and on December 19, 2005, Cedrick M. Brown took over the job of City Clerk.

On October 27 of 2008 Cedrick Brown stepped down and on Oct. 28, Tameeka Ephriam, who was appointed as Administrative Assistant to the Mayor in March of 2003, moved up to assume his duties as acting City Clerk. On Jan. 24, 2011 The Midfield City Council appointed Tameeka to Provisional City Clerk to comply with Jefferson County Personnel Board rules.

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