B.Y. Williams, Jr.

B.Y. Williams, Jr.

In the year 2003, through the sponsorship of the Midfield Area Chamber of Commerce, I researched, compiled and wrote “A Brief History of Midfield Alabama”. This work was to commemorate the City’s fifty-year jubilee celebration, The first printing was for 100 books that cost the chamber $5.00 a copy for printing. They were soon sold out at cost, and as of this writing there are a few copys left of the second printing. The cover page of this book is a modification of the covor page of the original work.

I called it the “First Edition” because I was aware of the names, dates, and coveted pictures that I simply couldn’t find. It was my hope that the circulation of the first edition would cause information to come forward to fill the voids. This has happened.

As administrator of the Midfield Area Chamber of Commerce web site, it was only a matter of time before it occurred to me that placing the second edition on the web site instead of having it printed, would solve the question of how long to wait for more information before going forward with the next edition. A web edition would be dynamic enough to be upgradeable as often as new material arrived. It is also easier to scan and upload pictures and news clippings to the web site, than it is to pay a printer to print them, especially in color.

This free and in-color web edition contains over 50% more content than the original black & white book.

I dedicate this work to my Father, B.Y. Williams Sr. who’s service to his community inspired me to preserve and make known his good works in this history of Midfield.

It is my privilege and honor to present to you, “A Brief History of Midfield Alabama” Web Edition.

B.Y. “Buck” Williams Jr.

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Early History of Jones ValleyEarly History of the Midfield AreaThe Development of the Community of Midfield
How A Community Became a CityMcDonalds and WilkesRutledge Heights & Fairfield Highlands
Midfield City GovernmentMayors and City CouncilsAdministrative Department (Mayor & City Clerk’s Office)
Public Safety DepartmentPublic Works – Part OnePublic Works – Part Two
Midfield LibraryMidfield City SchoolsMidfield Churches
Early Midfield BusinessesMidfield Chamber of CommerceRace Relations in Midfield